Real Name: Pete O'Brien

Created in: July 1992 by Matt Forrestall

First Appearance: "Adventures of Sprinkles, the Psychotic Moose" #5 (1992)

Anthrax is a supervillain, and enemy of Sprinkles and Jack.

‍Powers, Abilities and WeaknessesEdit

Anthrax can shoot a disease ray (called his Anthrax blast) from his hands. The disease ray only works on mammals.

Initial EraEdit

Anthrax mugshot1

Anthrax mugshot

In the Initial Era, Anthrax is first seen in "The Adventures of Sprinkles the Psychotic Moose" Number 5. His alter-ego, Pete O'Brien, is walking aimlessly through the woods, when he uncontrollably transforms into Anthrax. Smelling moose, Anthrax attacks Sprinkles and Jack in their cabin. He punches through the door and zaps Sprinkles with his disease ray. Anthrax is surprised by Jack since he didn't smell a human. Jack, enraged, grabs a fish.

Anthrax tells Jack that his Anthrax blast only works on mammals, but he's not afraid. What's Jack going to do, throw it at him? Jack proceeds to eat the fish, spilling blood and fish guts down his face. This causes Anthrax to puke, and transform back into human form, which Jack recognizes as Pete O'Brien, an old friend. Pete then passes out.



Anthrax shows up at Crazy Willy's Used Tree World in "There's a Moose on our Tree: A Very Special Christmas" (1995). He's pissed that there's no good trees left and is about to start breaking stuff when Eggman confronts him. Anthrax blasts Eggman, sending him flying through the tree lot. That catches the eye of Sprinkles and Jack who were also buying a tree. They attack Anthrax. Sprinkles hacks him in the chest with his ax, and Jack shoots him at point blank range. The duo joke about how he's dead and he'll need a pine box for Christmas.

Anthrax shows up in the Enemies Galore storyline in Sprinkles the Psychotic Moose Volume 1, Number 34 (1996). He was presumably summoned to Sprinkles and Jack's cabin by Malice (as were many other enemies). He waits in the bushes while Sprinkles and Jack battle Spam and Savage Fin-Guy. Fed up with all the bad meat jokes that Sprinkles and Spam were spouting, he blasts in their direction. Sprinkles jumps out of the way and the blast hits Spam, instantly diseasing all his meat. This causes Spam to lose control of his cape which sucks in Savage Fin-Guy and himself, taking them back to the un-imaginative universe. Anthrax then attacks Sprinkles and Jack, but Malice has had enough. He blasts Anthrax in the chest so that he can fight Sprinkles and Jack himself.