Big Bad Bart Calhoun is a no necked villain in an Old West Style town.

Initial EraEdit

Big bad bart

Big Bad Bart

In the Initial Era, Big Bad Bart first appears in Short Story #4 "Bullseye". He teases and taunts Jeremy Spurr, a cross eyed local, and throws a drink in his face. Jeremy can't take any more and yells at Big Bad Bart, making fun of his lack of a neck (which no one ever does). Big Bad Bart is enraged and aims his gun at Jeremy. Quickly Jeremy offers a duel, which Bart accepts. But since Jeremy doesn't have a gun, Bart gives an hour until their showdown. Jeremy nervously heads out to get a gun. He goes to Zed's Gun Shop and purchases a small cheap gun. He asks Zed if he can take a couple practice shots with it. Zed shows him the targets on the wall. Jeremy takes a horrible shot, breaking a shelf up above their heads, and a bull's skull falls onto Jeremy's head. Inexplicably, he now has a perfect shot. He buys the skull, the gun, and a bullseye shirt, and dons the name Bullseye. At noon, Bullseye meets Big Bad Bart on main street. They stare each other down, and then fire. Bullseye shoots Bart in the right hand and the left shoulder and both knees. Bart's shot ricochets off of Bullseye's skull mask. Bullseye then shoots Bart in the groin and in the head, killing him.