Big Mouth was a superhero member of D.O.P.E. in the Initial Era.

Initial EraEdit

Big mouth

Big Mouth

Big Mouth first appears in D.O.P.E. Volume 1, Number 12 (1994). He heckles the main four, calling them out on their cockiness and on how they declared themselves the leaders of D.O.P.E. He directly challenges them to battle Crudzilla to prove their worth. When the main four fail to defeat Crudzilla on their own, Big Mouth is quick to say he was right. He states he should be the leader of D.O.P.E. The main four then challenge him to prove himself. Big Mouth accepts, saying the next villain who attacks is all his. The next villain, Explo, attacks, and Big Mouth runs out to confront him. When he realizes Explo is carrying live dynamite, he runs back into the safety of the D.O.P.E. building. Leper quickly difuses the dynamite, and order is restored within D.O.P.E.