Bullseye is a sharpshooter who wears a bull skull on his head.

Personal InformationEdit

Real name: Jeremy Spurr

Initial EraEdit



In the Initial Era, Bullseye first appears in Short Story #4 "Bullseye". Jeremy Spurr, in preparation for his duel with Big Bad Bart Calhoun, buys a small cheap gun at Zed's Gun Shop. While practicing in the shop, Jeremy takes a horrible shot, breaking a shelf up above, and a bull's skull falls onto Jeremy's head. Inexplicably, he now has a perfect shot. He buys the skull, the gun, and a bullseye shirt, and dons the name Bullseye. At noon, Bullseye meets Big Bad Bart on main street. They stare each other down, and then fire. Bullseye shoots Bart in the right hand and the left shoulder and both knees. Bart's shot ricochets off of Bullseye's skull mask. Bullseye then shoots Bart in the groin and in the head. Then he decides to head to Quadropolis where people like him are accepted.