Coco-Lad is an indestructible coconut superhero and member of D.O.P.E. His father is Coco.

Personal InformationEdit

Real Name: Coco Knut, Jr.

Relations: Son of Coco

Initial EraEdit

Coco lad


In the Initial Era, Coco-Lad first appears in D.O.P.E. Volume 1, Number 9 (1992). He, along with his father, volunteer to battle Sludge in a team led by Numbskull. Coco-Lad is thrown at Sludge by Numbskull and Sludge attempts to eat him. The team is able to save Coco-Lad but not able to defeat Sludge. Coco calls in help and the main four triumphantly return to defeat the monster.

On the cover of Issue #13, Coco-Lad is shown as official D.O.P.E. member #10.

In Issue #14, Coco-Lad is listed as a member of the Food Group of D.O.P.E.