"Coco the Indestructible Coconut in Dinosaur Times" is a comic book title from the Current Era featuring Coco. It was drawn (hastily and crudely) by Michael Longo in April 2013, when he was drawing for fun with two of his sons, aged 6 & 4 at the time. The book is not exactly canon, since it is drawn with markers and crayons, but it could be considered to provide insight into Coco's character and powers.


Coco1 cover small

The cover of issue #1 (2013)

Issue #1 - April 2013

In the story, we are introduced to Coco. We're told he's a superhero, yet he can't fly or turn invisible or run really fast. He's not all that strong, either. But his power is that he can't be hurt. Which is then illustrated by a car crashing into him as he crossed the street, and by an anvil, clumsily dropped by a window washer high above, that smashes him into the ground. After both accidents, Coco walks away unscathed and unfazed, singing a lyric-less song, "Doot do do". Meanwhile, in a nearby apartment, the mad scientist, Doctor Destructo, has just finished his lastest invention. It's a time portal linked to the age of dinosaurs. However, Doctor Destructo, brilliant as he is, does not always make the best practical decisions. His diabolical doorway is tiny in size. No human, let alone a dinosaur, could fit through it. Destructo, realizing his mistake, decides to find a diminutive test subject. Outside his window walks Coco down the street. Destructo lures Coco into his house with the promise of pink lemonade, and then kicks him into the time doorway. Coco, still looking forward to the pink lemonade, appears in the middle of a jungle, surrounded by hungry looking dinosaurs.

Note: The misspelling of "indestructible" on the cover reflects the author's haste in making this comic.

Issue #2 - May 2013
Coco2 cover small

Coco #2


The story continues in issue #2, the last of the series. Coco is surrounded by dinosaurs, but luckily for him, they are all herbivores, and continue about their day, leaving him alone. As Coco wonders how he'll get out of this place, he hears a scream. He runs to the source of the scream to find a diplodocus with its leg trapped by fallen rocks. Coco runs full steam towards the rocks, smashing them into bits and freeing the dinosaur. The diplodocus licks Coco in appreciation. Coco then searches for the portal to bring him back, and finds it high above his head. Suddenly, he's lifted into the air on the head of the diplodocus he saved. The dinosaur brings Coco back through the portal and chomps the behind of Doctor Destructo on the other side. The story ends with Coco relaxing in a lounge chair and drinking pink lemonade.