See Flatulent Frank. Flatulence was the Initial Era name of a supervillain who farts sonic blasts. In the Current Era, he's been re-booted as Flatulent Frank.

Personal Information Edit

Real Name: (He was Robert Beens in the Initial Era).

Initial EraEdit



In the Initial Era, Flatulence first appeared in D.O.P.E. Volume 1, Number 15 (1995). Robert Beens was with his friends travelling in the desert when they went into an irradiated area which ends up changing all of them and giving them special powers. Robert, who had a bad gas problem as a human, became Flatulence. Together, the foursome decided to become supervillains and formed Mutant Villains Inc. They then hatched a plan to infiltrate D.O.P.E. and destroy it from the inside.