Kc with psoralazide

Kid Chameleon with a suitcase of psoralazide.

Psoralazide is a rare substance used in scientific research.

Item InformationEdit

Qualities/Characteristics : Unknown

Created: in 2018 by Michael J. Longo

First Appearance: Kid Chameleon (comic book) #2 (Jul 2018)

Current Era AppearancesEdit

Item HistoryEdit

Psoralazide was being used by a scientific research team of professors and grad students at Hevard University. Professor Newsome led the team as they searched for a cure for hangnails. King Crab's men were after the Psoralazide for an unknown purpose. Twice they were defeated by Kid Chameleon. (Kid Chameleon (comic book) #2, Jul 2018)