"Sprinkles Slayin' Special" was a one shot comic book written and drawn by Michael J. Longo in 1993 during the Initial Era.

The StoryEdit

Sprinkles]] and Jack are in their Quadropolis apartment (This happens during the time frame of Sprinkles the Psychotic Moose Volume 1, Numbers 20-30), watching Bernie the dinosaur's show on TV. They declare their disgust for the kiddie TV icon.

On the set of the show, after filming, Bernie rapes the young boy who was on his show (Bobbie) behind his Curtain of Perversion. On the 6:00 news ("News 6 at 6"), it is reported that the boy was found sexually abused and murdered. Bernie himself then makes a plea for parents to bring their cute kids to the show to fill the hole that Bobbie's death created.

Sprinkles sees what's going on and is pissed. He decides to do something about it, but has to do it himself since Jack is snoring.

On Bernie's set the next day, a new boy Todd professes how he loves Bernie and how he'd like to be on the show. Bernie is excited (emotionally and physically) and goes after the boy. Sprinkles jumps in and chops off Bernie's dino-phallus with an ax. Bernie then makes a play for Sprinkles, but the moose-man punches him in the face, knocking off the Bernie mask, and knocking the man down.

Then Sprinkles hacks into his chest with the ax. Then he rips out his ribs with his bare hands, and finally his heart. Sprinkles walks away saying "Now we can all watch TV in peace" while a mysterious hand in the background is reaching for the Bernie mask.