"Starfish Boy" is a comic book title in the Current Era featuring stories about the boy hero, Starfish Boy. It is written and drawn by Michael J. Longo.



Starfish Boy #1

Issue #1 (Jan 2017)Edit

This issue was written in 2015, and drawn in 2017, by Michael J. Longo.

14 year old Ezra Stern, who fantasizes about being a hero, is dressed in a cape and mask, and tries to fly by jumping out his 2nd story bedroom window. As he breaks through the glass, he exclaims "Look at me, I'm Mr. Fabulous!"

Later Ezra is in Quadropolis General Hospital, where Dr. Hu is telling his parents, Ronald and Estelle the extent of Ezra's injuries. He has a broken arm and bruised ribs, and needs to rest for a few days.

Back at home, his dad is yelling at Ezra, telling him he'll never be a hero, and he threatens to throw out all the posters and comic books that filled his head with those ideas. On the wall behind him stand posters of Stellario, Mr. Fabulous, McSpidey and Boner.

The next day, Grandpa Murphy visits Ezra, and the boy tells his grandfather how he wants to be a hero. Grandpa Murphy tells Ezra that when he was a boy there were no superheroes. And then, Superb Guy came along. He says that Superb Guy was a true American hero - but the funny thing is, he wasn't American, nor was he even of Earth. Superb Guy came from the planet Dumanis as a baby. His parents sent him into space and his home planet exploded.

On Earth, Superb Guy had amazing powers, and he used them for good. He defeated many villains over the years, like Robo-Ruskie, Killer Gorilla, and Stargun the Space Cowboy. Superb Guy became so popular, that others joined his ranks, and out of nowhere, there were dozens, or more, superheroes, during what was called the Superhero Emergence. Note: The picture showing the Superhero Emergence features cameos by Flying Rodent Man, Lady Lightning, Amazin' Tree, M.C. Frog, Armor Al, Screeching Eagle, Black Fury and Astonishing Arachnoid, among others.

Grandpa Murphy goes on to tell Ezra that he can't be a hero like them because he doesn't have powers. But he can be a hero in other ways, by helping his parents, or old ladies cross the street, etc. Grandpa leaves, and Ezra is upset, and uses his phone, going to gregslist, where he sees an ad: "Have you always wanted a superpower? Volunteer for lab work and become super! -G". Ezra decides that he will become super.

Note: This issue is collected in D.O.P.E. Short Story Collection Volume 2.